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Nin10do Lite DIY Kit (V2 - PRO Kit )

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Not afraid of soldering? Wanna built the entire console yourself?

Nin10do Lite DIY (Only the parts) read before buying:

  • Soldering needed!
  • Drilling the 2 holes in the USB HUB yourself
  • Assemble the acrylic case yourself
  • Building is NOT difficult but some experience is reccomended 
  • No Raspberry Pi included: supply your own

Kit includes:

  1. Acrylic Laser-Cut Case
  2. Mounting gear (10 stand-offs, nuts and bolts)
  3. Logilink Powered USB 2.0 hub
  4. ATX-Raspi Board (headers NOT soldered)
  5. Jumper Wires (24 AWG quality for good power)
  6. German LED momentary switch BLUE + wires
  7. USB connector to create your own very short cable
  8. Dupont connectors and Housing for making your short USB HUB power supply
  9. SNES controller included

Supply yourself:

5v Micro USB wall charger (2A minimum)
SD - Card class 10 (with Retropie + ATX Raspi script installed)
Raspberry Pi computer


New features (V2 vs V1):

  • Opening micro usb power input enlarged so there is no more need for cables with a longer connection head. 
  • Position of the ATX RASPI board slightly changed.
  • Opening for the Raspberry Pi power input. In the previous version it had to be removed in order to fit against the back wall of the case.
  • Mounting holes added for the optional Pi-Drive (314gb hard-disc specially designed for the Raspberry Pi)
  • HDMI / RGB / 5V openings are adjusted in height so the Pi-Drive + Pi-Mount will fit inside.


To use the Nin10do you need a Raspberry Pi computer. You can order it together with the Nin10do or use your own. The console does NOTHING without the Raspberry Pi.

The WD-Pidrive is NOT needed for the system to work. You can install thousands of games on the SD card alone. If you are going to install lots and lots of Playstation games (very big files) it might be a great add-on for you.

Nin10doshop can't supply you copyrighted software/games. The systems comes plug and play with many (free-available) games already. You can easily install a huge library of games on the sd-card yourself. 

The console now comes with KODI pre-installed. Now you not only have a very cool game console but also a great media player!

The parts used for the console are original  high-quality (mostly German) parts. Each console takes several hours to built as everything is welded, soldered, adjusted, installed and tested by hand. This means that I can't built them any cheaper then they are priced now. 


The Retropie software (all the emulators and the user interface) is made by RETROPIE and available for free here: https://retropie.org.uk/.
When you order a Nin10do console it has Retropie installed and configured for you together with some other software and scripts.
We want to give much credit to the RetroPie team for all the hard work and making this software available for free.
Nin10doshop does not charge anything for this software and does not supply copyrighted games!


Important: The Nin10do Lite draws quitte a lot of current so make sure you have a good USB power supply (2amps) and a good quality cable. 

*The DIY kit is available WITH or WITHOUT the Raspberry Pi3



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