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Nin10do Red

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Nin10do Original REV2 - Red Color


A fantastic game console for the true Retro game lovers (and geeks like me ;-)
Each console is hand build and takes about one week to finish. The printing of the case alone takes more then 70 hours...

The brain of this Nin10do is of course the Raspberry Pi2 model B installed with Retropie and Emulationstation.
The Nin10do has a build in shutdown button (with use of the great ATX Raspi board) so you can just turn the Nin10do on and off without using the 'sudo halt' or 'sudo shutdown' command.

The Nin10do comes complete with:

  • Build in powered USB hub
  • Dual USB port on the back for a Wireless Keyboard or a Wifi/Bluetooth dongel (new!)
  •  Ethernet connection
  • 16 GB Micro SD card Pre-Installed with the Nin10do script, Retropie and some tweaks
  • Build in ATX Raspi board 
  • 2 beautiful chrome LED buttons (one for power and the other for the automated cover/lid)
  • Raspberry Pi2 model B
  • Build in Led's, Stepper motor, USB-B power input, Power Switch, HDMI connector
  • Acrylic glass top (with laser engraved Nin10do logo) 
  • NES or SNES controller 


I want one but why are the console's so expensive???

The 3d printed Nin10do's are difficult to build and each model requires many tweaks and changes before it is finnaly done. The average building time for a Nin10do (Rev 2) is about 2 weeks.
The 3d printed cases are all thorougly sanded by hand and spray-painted with 4 layers of special coating. This will take a full day alone. The wires are all custom soldered and tested to insure the highest quality possible.
Also, the rather long list of needed parts are shipped by different suppliers from the US, Holland and Germany. 

Before shipment the consoles are all custom installed and 'field' tested so it will be perfect when you receive one at home.
Note that all the consoles are numbered and signed to insure that you bought the original (high-quality) version.

It took me a lot of prototypes and failure to get the Nin10do looking (and working) the way they are sold now...


Case can be in various colors or special design. Contact me for more info.

Shipping to the United-States or Australia?

Contact us on: for additional info and rates!




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