Micro SD card 16GB Class 10 - Raspian + Retropie Pre-Installed

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16GB Micro SD card Class 10 - FREE RETROPIE INSTALL

Original Kingston brand - tested and pre-installed

  • Raspian 
  • Retropie & Emulationstation
  • Custom Nin10do Splash screen (no boot text anymore)
  • Licence Free games (Doom, Duke3d)


The Retropie software (all the emulators and the user interface) is made by RETROPIE and available for free here: https://retropie.org.uk/.
When you order a Nin10do console it has Retropie installed and configured for you together with some other software and scripts.
We want to give much credit to the RetroPie team for all the hard work and making this software available for free.
Nin10doshop does not charge anything for this software and does not supply copyrighted games!


Need more games?

It is allowed to install as much games (ROMS) on your Nin10do console as you want. However, it is only allowed if you own the original copy of the games you install. Nin10doshop doesn't take any responsibility and will not install ROMS for you. You can find excellent tutorials on Youtube how to find,upload and configure the Retopie system.  :-)


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