Sales terms

  • reserves to combine shipping for orders shipped to the same address.
  • The buyer must provide a valid shipping and billing address as part of checkout (address should not contain non-english or unicode characters, we cannot guarantee these will print correctly on the shipping label).

International orders & customs declarations

  • An invoice is attached to the package for international orders.
  • International orders also have a customs declaration form with the actual order value of the purchased products along with HS tariff codes.
  • There will be no "gift" or low value customs declaration.


  • All sales are final. This means once you ordered something there is no return for other than DOA (defective on arrival) reasons. You have 30 days from original purchase date to return any defective product, 45 days for international ordcers.
  • If there is a hardware fault or legitimate DOA product Nin10doshop reserves the right to repair or replace the product, or in some circumstances refund the purchase price. The defective unit has to be returned in like-new condition within the time window mentioned above. Returned products that are (ab)used or damaged will not be accepted.
  • Generally all products are tested before shipping to ensure a minimum set of functionality and so Nin10doshop will warrant against any DOA or faulty hardware. Microcontroller boards are preloaded with firmware that will indicate some kind of functionality when the item is powered up (either blinking LED or transmitting/receiving for RF products, power up for power supplies etc). See the product page for specifics. Hence there is little or no reason for any returns or exchanges. Most apparent DOA issues are resolved when instructions are followed. Please also check the forum for common issues and solutions.


Currently Paypal and Stripe are the accepted payment methods. For Paypal you will be redirected to Paypal where payments are processed securely. Stripe credit card payments are integrated in the shopping cart. No payment information (ie credit card numbers) is stored on our  databases.

Product Questions/Concerns

Please use the contact form to submit any questions or concerns with any of the products, and we will do our best to assist.

Limitation of Liability

Most of the products require some level of assembly and/or soldering. Nin10do Shop is not responsible for the way the buyer assembles and/or uses the products sold on the Nin10doshop web store. The buyer is responsible to read and agree to the terms and any product disclaimers before using any of these products.

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