Nin10doshop is founded by Daniël Spies (Rotterdam area, the Netherlands)

As a Magician and 'Creative Entrepreneur' in daily life he designed the first 3d printed 'Nin10do' in 2014 as a practicing project to enhance his magic.
When the Nin10do was finally finished, it was picked-up and published in many countries. One of the leading tech sites "Tweakers" published the project on their front page after which the Nin10do became famous in just a few hours.

Emails came in daily.
"How to get one?" "Can you build one for me" "Which parts did you use"

Now after 15 months the Nin10doshop is officially open!

We offer custom hand build consoles based on the Raspberry Pi computer. All the accessoiries and parts you need in one easy webshop.

We will do our best to make you (as a  Classic Game fanatic) happy!

Daniel Spies 2015

picture: Daniël Spies

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